Golden Linen is a Brooklyn based company founded by Chardean Chum who has a background in designing children’s wear and women’s wear.


After discovering the many benefits of linen and falling in love with its look and feel, Chardean set about creating a fresh take on linen that escapes its old fashioned starchy image. The result is a linen bedding range that is washed to give a soft supple feel and a casual textured look and modernized with colors that move beyond the traditional neutrals and pastels to vibrant jewel tones such as emerald, sapphire, onyx, turquoise and chartreuse.


Golden Linen is made in Lithuania, where the production of linen dates back to 11th century BC and is such a strong part of the country’s culture that it is fabled in poems and folk tales. It is here that the flax is grown, harvested, spun and woven into linen of exceptional quality.